Refrigerator water filter
It is important to replace the refrigerator water filter
September 27 , 2021
The refrigerator water filter is one of the hardest workers in the kitchen. It uses tap water and purifies it into the smallest particles, ensuring that every bite you drink is clean, delicious and free of any harmful substances. But is it dangerous to change the refrigerator water filter irregularly? Although it may not be life-threatening, sometimes not replacing the filter can cause some adverse effects that you have to remember.

The water passes through miles of underground pipes before it reaches your home or company. In the process, it may collect lead from old pipes, agricultural runoff and other harmful compounds.

Most refrigerator filters are designed to remove three main contaminants: lead, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Some are also rated for removal of cysts and chloramines.

Clean water is essential to your health. The water supplied to your home absorbs heavy minerals, bacteria and other contaminants as it enters your pipeline. When you use the water dispenser in the refrigerator, the job of the filter is to remove all these contaminants.

If you do not replace the refrigerator water filter, the following will happen:
Your filter is clogged. It has reached the point where it no longer filters because it is full of dirt and debris. When the water stops flowing, you know it's time to replace the filter.
Carbon reaches its maximum capacity. Even if the surface area is full, water will continue to flow through the filter, but the water will carry contaminants. Imagine going to the mall at Christmas. After driving a few rows of cars and finding no place to park, you return to the road and go to other places. Likewise, when all the space in the old carbon filter is occupied, particles can accumulate or pass through the filter.
Your filter will breed bacteria. The loaded carbon filter collects the particles on which organisms live and becomes a camp for bacteria.

Generally, the manufacturer recommends replacing the refrigerator water filter at least every six months. However, there are many factors that affect the frequency of water filter replacement.

The hardness of the water, the quality of the water, and how often you use the water dispenser and ice maker will affect how quickly the water filter fills up with water. If you are not sure about the quality of your household water supply, you can use test papers to see what pollutants are present.

Signs that you need to replace the filter:
If you do not remember when the refrigerator water filter was last replaced, you can pay attention to some signs that it is time to replace it:

The refrigerator water and/or ice smells bad
The refrigerator water and/or ice tastes bad
Low water dispenser pressure
Ice making mechanism ice is slow or not making ice at all
If you find any of these common signs that the water filter is dirty, you need to replace it.

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