Refrigerator water filter
How to replace the refrigerator water filter
September 27 , 2021
You are in the kitchen and want to drink some water. So, you use the water dispenser in the refrigerator to pour yourself a glass. When you take a sip, you suddenly think: How do I know this water is clean?

To be sure, this is a disturbing thought. But this is also an important issue. At this time, the water filter is particularly important. With a properly installed water filter, your water will flow through this block to filter out any contaminants and particles absorbed before entering the refrigerator. By doing this, the water is safe to drink and tastes clean.

Similarly, the refrigerator water filter will produce impurities after being used for a long time and needs to be replaced.

How often should I replace the water filter?
The short answer is once every three months.

Another reason to change the water filter more frequently is if you have higher requirements for water consumption. It is recommended that households of 3-4 people use the type of water filter shown. If you have an extended company or use your hoses to fill your swimming pool or preside over the slides and slides nearby, then you may pass the filter faster.

How to replace the water filter
However, if your water quality is poor, you may need to replace it more frequently. The water quality varies greatly from city to city and well to well.

Locate the water filter (on the bottom grill or the back or inside of the refrigerator)
Rotate the water filter counterclockwise
Pull out the refrigerator water filter
Remove the knob on the filter and place it on the new water filter
Push the new water filter into the housing
Turn the refrigerator water filter clockwise to lock it (make sure it is locked correctly and straight)
Pour one or two gallons of water from the water dispenser to remove any carbon residue
Throw away the first two batches of ice from the ice maker

However, manufacturing and transportation can cause the carbon particles in the media block to loosen. This means that the first few glasses of water are likely to contain these fragments, causing the water to look dull and turbid. Although drinking this water will not hurt you, most people may prefer not to drink it. To save trouble, you should flush the new refrigerator water filter.

You should always check the user manual of the specific refrigerator water filter to ensure that all installations and settings are performed correctly. Most manufacturers recommend that you pass three to five gallons of water through a refrigerator water filter before drinking. For refrigerators that do not dispense water, discard the first two batches of ice. Remember, these carbon particles will also freeze in your ice cubes.

We hope you can easily get the clean water you deserve. Our refrigerator water filter program enables you to lock in the price at the time of purchase. When you join, the replacement filter will be shipped automatically-you never have to remember when to replace the filter.

If you need help replacing the filter or have more questions about the process, please contact us immediately.
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